Internship Feature – TBDBITL

TOPS employment team would like to make a shout out to The OSU Marching Band (TBDBITL)!  They have been a huge supporter of the program for the last four years.  TOPS had one student, Jackson Hilliard, intern with them for all four years he was in our program.  When the employment team talked to the band about a potential partnership they were happy to support the program.  TOPS would like to thank everyone who had a part of this FANTASTIC experience for Jackson and The TOPS Program!

One thought on “Internship Feature – TBDBITL

  1. The collaboration between the OSU TOPS program and TBDBITL is a WIN-WIN! Anyone who knows Jackson can attest to what a great young man he is! Jackson brings enthusiasm, passion and great ideas to every career or social situation he encounters. And everyone knows that every member of TBDBITL excels at music and being the best Buckeye Student possible! This all translates to the Best Partnership!!! Thanks for being a part of The Ohio State University TOPS program!
    Dr. Margo Izzo

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