Student Spotlight: Kristen

Our Student Spotlight today is Kristen, a 2nd year in the TOPS Program. Kristen’s career interests include advocating for individuals with disabilities, inclusion, and marketing. On campus, she is involved with Young Life College, and she has also made friends in other faith-based organizations on campus. Her favorite class that she’s taken so far is Foundations of Personal and Professional Leadership.

“My favorite part of the TOPS program is that I get to interact with variety of students and that the TOPS staff sees our disabilities as a good thing. It’s a really positive environment,” she said. She continued, “I just feel really cared for, because they help you find job opportunities that interest you. They take your input into consideration, and I feel heard in this program.”

Kristen’s secret to college success is to reach out to your friends. “It’s not like high school where it’s easy and you see your friends all of the time. You have to advocate to see people.” Her other tip was, “if you commute from off-campus, get to your classes before rush hour so you aren’t stuck in traffic!”

Kristen’s favorite part about being an Ohio State student is seeing people around campus. She said she sees people she knows several times a day from Young Life and her hometown. She has several favorite TOPS memories, including working with her Educational Coaches and going to the Multiple Perspectives Conference, where she enjoyed spending time with TOPS students from other cohorts.

If she could travel anywhere, she said she would choose to go to Malibu Club (a Young Life camp in British Columbia), to Bitty & Beau’s coffee shop, or to meet Bob Goff. When asked whether she would want to scuba dive, skydive, or bungee jump, she said she’d definitely choose bungee jumping!

The TOPS Staff want to recognize Kristen for her positive outlook and outgoing personality. Keep up the great work, Kristen!

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