App Spotlight: Notability

Currently, there seems to be a never-ending list of apps available for download, and many can increase an individual’s access to and success in the classroom, in the community, or in a variety of other contexts. Over the summer, we’ll highlight several of these apps, so hopefully you find one that fits your lifestyle!

App name: Notability

Where you can access this app: smartphones, tablets, computers

What can this app do?

Notability is one of my favorite apps and has very useful in my college coursework. It works best if you have access to a tablet, such as an iPad. Notability is a notetaking app with several features that are beneficial for studying. First, you can download documents, such as PowerPoints, from CarmenCanvas directly into the app. Once the document is in the app, you can organize your notes by class and by units within the class.

When you open the file, you can write/draw/highlight directly on the document for easy notetaking during a lecture. When you search text on the app (such as when you are looking for a specific topic in your notes), the search feature also searches your handwritten notes! Another benefit of using Notability is that you can record audio that is attached to the document. This is beneficial for recording content (with your professor’s permission!) to review later. Notability also has the option to back up all of your notes for safekeeping.

How much does this app cost? $9.99

Click here to learn more about this app.


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