National Disability Voter Registration Week: Know Your Rights!

It’s National Disability Voter Registration Week! Today, we are highlighting your voting rights at your polling location.

Did You Know? 

  • “An estimated 30-35% of all voters in the next twenty-five years will need some form of accommodation” (Source: AAPD).

Watch this video for a brief overview of your rights as a voter:

Additional Facts about Accessing Your Polling Location/Voting:

  • If you can’t find transportation to your polling location, you can contact your local campaign headquarters. These headquarters might offer transportation assistance, such as a volunteer who is driving people to their polling locations (Source: Disability Rights Ohio).
  • Polling locations are required to be accessible to individuals with disabilities. Because some exceptions exist, you can contact your local board of elections ahead of time to ask about your specific polling location (Source: Disability Rights Ohio).
    • To access the ADA checklist on what makes a polling location accessible, click here.
  • You can request assistance from someone you know or from poll workers, and you can bring a sample ballot with you when voting (Source: Disability Rights Ohio).

Click here to access FAQs about your voting rights, published by Disability Rights Ohio.

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