App Spotlight: Libby, by OverDrive

Currently, there seems to be a never-ending list of apps available for download, and many can increase an individual’s access to and success in the classroom, in the community, or in a variety of other contexts. Over the summer, we’ll highlight several of these apps, so hopefully you find one that fits your lifestyle!

App name: Libby

Where you can access this app: smartphones and tablets

What can this app do?

Libby works by connecting with your local library system. It’s available for individuals with a Columbus Metropolitan Library card, and is also available through many other library systems. The app allows you to check out audiobooks, similar to the way you would check out a traditional library book. These audiobooks are available on your electronic device, and can be downloaded for on-the-go listening. Typically, you can check out an audiobook for 21 days. A perk of the app is that it automatically returns the audiobooks, so you don’t need to worry about due dates! In addition to audiobooks, you can also borrow e-books and download them to a Kindle or to devices with the Kindle app.

Many college courses require students to read novels, so Libby is a great alternative and/or supplement to traditional reading. You can add bookmarks to remember important parts of the text, adjust the speed of the audiobook recording, and record notes.

How much does this app cost? The app is free to download. You will need a library card from your community library system to access this app.

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