App Spotlight:

Currently, there seems to be a never-ending list of apps available for download, and many can increase an individual’s access to and success in the classroom, in the community, or in a variety of other contexts. Over the summer, we’ll highlight several of these apps, so hopefully you find one that fits your lifestyle!

App name:

Where you can access this app: smartphone, computer/laptop, tablet, some smart watches

What can this app do?

This app keeps all of your lists and to-do items in one app. has the following features: to-do lists, a calendar, grocery lists, reminders, and a daily planner.

  • To-Do List/Reminders/Daily Planner

Beyond keeping a simple to-do list, you can also color-code and prioritize tasks. Set up custom one-time reminders, repeating reminders that occur at the same time every day/week/etc., and location-based reminders (such as reminding you to feed the cat when you get home).

  • Calendar syncs with your previously existing calendar, including Google Calendar.

  • Grocery List

The grocery list feature automatically organizes items based on sections of the grocery store and saves recently purchased/regularly occurring items so you can easily add them to your list.

How much does this app cost? The app is free to download, but a subscription is required to access some features.

Click here to learn more about this app. 


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