Finals Week/End of School Year Stress Management

Finals Week is quickly approaching. The end of the semester is often one of the busiest times for students. In preparation for the next few weeks, take a moment to read about some study tips and stress management techniques that might be useful to you. You can do it!

  • Discover your learning style and use study techniques that match it. You can take the VARK Questionnaire to find out how you learn best. Based on the results, you can discover study strategies that might work well for you.
  • Find a new way to learn challenging content. If a topic is difficult to understand, try finding an additional way to learn and process through the material. For example, Crash Course has excellent videos on a variety of topics. Videos can help you conceptualize information in a new way and they work especially well for Visual or Auditory learners.
  • Use apps to help you study. Downloading apps to help you review material can be a fun way to supplement your studies. Quizlet is an online flashcard program that has games to help you practice content. It’s available online and as an app on your phone/iPad.
  • Take a break to exercise. Exercise improves your memory, so take a brain break, put on those tennis shoes, and get some exercise (Alston, 2013).
  • Practice deep breathing. Feeling stressed? Visit our recent blog post on deep breathing for some helpful ideas.
  • Remember that everyone is different. When studying, what is helpful for one person might not work for another. Find what works best for you!


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