SmartColumbus Opportunity for Students

Students learned about the opportunity below on Tuesday and many demonstrated great interest. Consider getting involved with this project!

We are collaborating with the City of Columbus and the Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA), as part of SmartColumbus. As part of SmartColumbus we are conducting a research study to examine how older adults and individuals with cognitive disabilities utilize public transportation, specifically the COTA bus system. Therefore, we are looking for individuals with cognitive disabilities and older adults to provide feedback on a navigation app, which is designed to assist with public transportation within Franklin County. We are also looking for travel partners (e.g. family members, travel trainers, and community specialists) that support the travel needs of individuals with cognitive disabilities and older adults. The individuals with a disability and older adults, in combination with the travel partners, will have an opportunity to use the navigation app prior to providing feedback on the app. Furthermore, the travel partner will have the opportunity to use the app and a website to create travel routes, and provide feedback on the app and website.

As part of the research study, we will provide training on the use of a smartphone, the navigation app, and the navigation website. We will also provide travel training on the use of COTA buses.

If you, or someone you know, are interested in participating in the research study, please contact Carmen DiGiovine at or (614) 293-7876. Please include “SmartColumbus” in the subject line when sending an email, or reference “SmartColumbus” when leaving a voicemail.

Carmen P. DiGiovine, PhD ATP/SMS RET

Click here for a flyer with more information

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