Student Spotlight: Kate

Kate, a second-year in the TOPS Program, is this week’s Student Spotlight. Kate loves animals and is really enjoying her Animal Sciences class. In class, she gets to interact with her favorite animal – dogs! Going to class is Kate’s favorite part about being at Ohio State.

Kate really enjoys making new friends through the TOPS Program. Her favorite TOPS memories are at social events, such as bowling and going out to dinner with friends. Kate’s favorite place in Columbus is anywhere she can get her nails done.

The most important thing she has learned so far in the TOPS program is how to be safe both on and off campus. In the future, Kate wants to be either a dentist or a surgeon.

Kate says the best ice cream flavor is actually sherbet, especially the rainbow kind!

The TOPS Staff want to recognize Kate for her optimistic and go-with-the-flow personality. Thanks, Kate!


One thought on “Student Spotlight: Kate

  1. Kate, We are so proud of you. You are learning so much.
    My favorite ice cream is rainbow sherbert
    also. Plain chocolate
    comes in 2nd. Enjoy your classes and kudos to your parents
    and Aunt Jackie for providing you this opportunity and loving you so much.
    Love, Aunt Patty in Wisconsin

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