Volunteer Spotlight: Baylee

This week, the TOPS staff wants to recognize one of our awesome volunteers, Baylee! Baylee has volunteered with TOPS for 3 semesters now, serving as both an In-Class Mentor and as a Social Coach. When asked why she decided to get involved with TOPS, Baylee explained:

Growing up, my uncle had Down syndrome, and I always knew that I wanted to volunteer with a program of students who were similar to my uncle. He passed away a few years ago, and around the same time, I stumbled upon the TOPS program. Helping these students meet their educational and career goals is something I really valued!

Baylee’s favorite part of volunteering with TOPS is “watching and helping the students meet their goals.” “My first semester as an In-Class Mentor, I got to meet all the students when they were brand new to OSU and TOPS. Now, as second years, seeing all that they’ve accomplished is so cool,” she explains.

Outside of TOPS, Baylee stays busy studying business with a focus in real estate. She is involved in a wide variety of campus activities, such as serving as a University Ambassador and as a Peer Financial Coach. When she isn’t busy with school, Baylee likes to visit her favorite Columbus spot, German Village. “The cobblestone streets, gorgeous houses, and dogs everywhere make me very happy! I highly recommend hanging out there during sunny afternoons.” Baylee is also traveling to Zambia later this year!

The TOPS staff appreciates that Baylee always goes above and beyond to help the program. She even traveled to New York last week with staff to take part in a presentation for TOPS. Thanks, Baylee!


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