Trying new things


Monday evening started with a tour of campus from TOPS volunteer and campus ambassador, Baylee. We stopped for a photo at the stadium.

Tuesday was filled with assessments which made for a long day. The rained finally stopped and we were able to enjoy some of the Clippers game. Patty even caught a ball!

Wednesday brought the first day of class. We learned about the different internship opportunities in our employment class. In the academic class, we learned about the differences between high school and college. We were able to indicate our likes and dislikes for our first class in the fall. Jason was making his choices and let us know he wants to take a creative writing class.

In the afternoon we learned about all of the different social opportunities we will have. There are clubs and organizations, TOPS events and even service trips to attend.

The days are long but everyone is challenging themselves in different ways. 

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