The entire family is impacted by a loved ones addiction and overdose. Often the family unit is disrupted and grandparents or other relatives become caregivers when addiction causes parents to be incapable of caring for their children. When overdose is irreversible, permanent kinship care can occur. The entire family has to adjust to this new way of life and often deals with feelings of grief, remorse, self-blame, and anger. You do not have to go through this change alone – there is help available for all family survivors of a loved ones overdose.

The chronic nature of addiction and overdose can also take a toll on the first responders and other medical and mental health professionals. Treating the same patient repeatedly for overdose can lead to feelings of anger and resentment toward the overdose victim for first responders, especially if children are present. Addiction is a complicated disease and difficult to deal with. There is help for first responders confronted by the fatigue of dealing with overdose victims.


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