About Me

My name is Dominique Toney and I enjoy helping others, which is why I am a part of the Mount Leadership Society Scholars. I do not perform service for my own satisfaction; I do it in order to see the faces of those whom I have helped and the progression that I have aided to make in their lives. I am an introvert at heart, but once I am addressed by an aspect of my passion, I am able to interact easily with others. Although helping others is what I love to do, I am passionate about my faith in God, which has shaped me to become the person who I currently am.

The values that I have learned through my Christianity have helped me to choose the career path of becoming a pediatric oncology nurse. The field of pediatric oncology may seem like a heartbreaking profession, but I believe that the children who are affected by cancer are children first, then patients; meaning that they deserve a “normal” childhood just as much as any other child.

Intersectional Feminism Paper

Intersectional feminism is a concept in which I have passion. During the Autumn 2017 semester, I took a class that focused on the writings of Black females and their struggles with feminism. I have attached the final paper that I wrote for the class analyzing the novel Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston. Prior to taking this class, I had read the book; however, after learning more theory surrounding the topic, I developed a deeper appreciation and understanding of the work.



This post includes a copy of my resume. It includes a summary of my career goals, skills, work experience, volunteer experience and references.



This is my first year as a Resident Advisor. So far, I have put on multiple programs that encourage diversity, inclusion, wellness, community and learning within the residence hall. I also have the opportunity to create community among my residents and provide them with resources to help them along in their college careers.

I am currently volunteering at the James Cancer Hospital. I enjoy this because I am able to interact with patients and bring them to their destinations within the hospital. The fear of being in such a large hospital combined with the fear of the outcome of their disease is a lot to bear. To be able to help ease that fear with making the hospital seem more manageable to navigate, brings me joy knowing that I can help.

I hope to gain an internship for the Summer of 2018 in the field of public health policy and education. I am interested in child and maternal health in areas of minorities. I am currently a Public Health major and the topics that most interest me include sexual and reproductive health, infant mortality and maternal mortality. I hope to gain an internship with a company who focuses on these aspects of public health.

The culmination of these experiences will help to develop me into a better person who leads and is not afraid to lend a helping hand to others.

University of Pittsburgh Health Career Scholars Academy

Summer 2014

The program entailed learning about various health professions, such as an emergency room surgeon and an organ procurement coordinator. I was given the opportunity to shadow a pediatric endocrinologist for a day at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. It was significant to me because I desire to have a career in the field of pediatric medicine. The program also included a research project. I constructed a research project about childhood leukemia based on prior research done by professionals.