Year in Review

Global Awareness: To work toward the goal of Global Awareness, I have taken courses such as Comparative Studies 1100H. This course taught me about the values, beliefs, and social ways of many diverse cultures around the world. I have formed relationships with people of different backgrounds, and I have gained knowledge about their own cultures and values. The summer of my sophomore year, I will travel to Siena, Italy, where I will interact with and learn alongside others who speak a native language different than my own. I hope to experience every aspect of Italian life through immersion in the culture, food, music, and, most importantly, the people of Italy.
Original Inquiry: In my Biology 1114H class, I completed a semester long research project on fungal endophytes. During this project, I learned many important skills, including how to formulate a research hypothesis, how to use a variety of  testing methods to record and analyze data, how to write a research paper with all necessary components, and how to work in a team to convey discoveries to the scientific and public communities.
Academic Enrichment: To achieve the goal of academic enrichment, I have chosen and will continue to choose courses that will challenge me in expanding my intellectual abilities. I have made sure to incorporate courses in a number of different field of study, both inside and outside of my major and minor. Courses such as Italian, Physics, Comparative Studies, History, and Theatre will increase my span of knowledge over various topics and will make me a more well-rounded student and individual.
Leadership Development: Through my dedicated involvement in organizations such as Peers Advancing Literacy in Students, Buckeyethon, Pay it Forward, and the Italian club, I have made myself a leader both in the classroom and in extra curricular activities. Throughout my next years at Ohio State, I hope to become more involved in student organizations by holding a leadership position, and I will utilize these leadership skills through working and volunteering on campus.
Service Engagement: For my Biology 1113H class, I completed a research/service project through the Garden of Hope program located on Ohio State’s campus. After volunteering with the staff for a few hours, I worked in a team to educate the community about the work that the garden does and the food it provides for the cancer survivors of the James Hospital. I have also volunteered at numerous sites around Columbus through Ohio State’s Pay it Forward Organization, I have served as an Ohio State Welcome Leader my freshman year, and I plan to be a yearly volunteer for Pelotonia. I hope to continue to serve through volunteer work on campus and around the Columbus community.


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This video shows the final product of my survey class’s group project. My group was instructed to research and share information about one of three dining halls located on campus. For our project, we decided to share information about Traditions at Scott, Ohio State’s most popular dining hall.


About Me

Emily Tompkin is a second-year student from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. She plans to major in Biology and minor in General Psychology. Emily hopes to continue her studies to fulfill her dream of becoming a pediatric physical therapist. Emily enjoys reading, learning to cook new things, listening to music, and going on hikes with Charlie, her dachshund. She is involved in Pen PALS, Buckeyethon, and volunteers for Pelotonia and Pay it Forward. During the summer of her second year, Emily will travel to Siena, Italy, where she will immerse herself in the cultures, traditions, and language of Italy.