Steven Tomasi
513-324-2183 (Cell)
4703 Homestretch Ln Mason, OH 45040
The Ohio State University, College of Arts and Science GPA: 3.36 Graduation: May 2019
Biology Major; Medical Laboratory Sciences
• Biological Science Scholars Program
1 of 60 students selected to be a part of a highly selective program and living community that focuses on immersing students in the biological sciences community in order to advance their knowledge and careers
St. Xavier High School GPA: 3.81 Unweighted Graduation: June 2015
• Honors 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade
Research Assistant, Aronoff Laboratory August 2015- Spring 2017
• Only undergraduate student selected to assist Professor Irina Artsimovitch, head of the Department of Microbiology, in her research of DNA transcription, while progressively establishing an independent role in the laboratory
• Assist first year graduate student in Professor Artsimovitch’s lab, in his research of the discovering and understanding various mutants in rfaH.
Research Assistant, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, Department of Ophthalmology May 2016-August 2016
• One of two undergraduate students selected to assist graduate students in Professor Winston Kao’s laboratory, the head of the Department of Ophthalmology, studying GusB mutations in a mice population
Skills Learned: Gel Electrophoresis, DNA Transformation, OD Absorbance, PCR Reaction and Protein Purification
Work Experience
Server, Bravo! Italiana Cucina Mason OH January 2015-Present
• Serve tables at a popular local Italian restaurant with a hardworking and friendly attitude to ensure customer satisfaction and increase recurring customers.
Host, BDs Mongolian Grill, Mason, OH September 2014-January 2015
• Greet patrons and escort them to their tables while maintaining the organization of the floor charts to ensure the most efficient utilization of seating at the restaurant.
Community Service
Volunteer, College Mentors for Kids, 12 hours September 2015- Present
• Meet every week to mentor a second grade student from Wieland Park Elementary school in different aspects of growing up to become a positive member of society. Will remain mentoring this student until my time of graduation and his completion of the 4th grade.
• Staff Member: Elected to be apart of the Social Media Team to promote the College Mentors program and spread awareness of the programs successes
Volunteer, Physicians Free Clinic, 6 hours September 2015- May 2016
• Assisted concierges in escorting patients to various departments within the clinic for them to receive medications, receive lab work or to be discharged
Volunteer, Children’s Hospital Medical Center, 104 Hours June 2012- Present
• Year round volunteer, responsible for playing games with kids while they are in the waiting room. Cleaned the toys to ensure they are sanitized for the next child
Kappa Sigma Fraternity – Ohio Alpha Sigma Chapter February 2016–Present
Recruitment Chair
• Selected by the Fraternity Chapter to run the fraternity’s recruitment of new potential members during the spring and fall semesters that fit the overall message of the chapter- of “Rising to the Challenge.”
President, St. Xavier Men’s Choir August 2011- May 2015
• President of award winning boys school choir. Traveled annually to compete in local and national competitions. Additionally, selected as member of the advanced choir
Officer, St. Xavier Student Leadership Team April 2013-May 2105
• Elected out of 60 candidates to represent the student body in meetings with about 10 school officials to make important decisions in order to better the school environment

About Me

My name is Steven David Tomasi. I was born in Lawton, Oklahoma and have lived in Cincinnati, Ohio and Seattle, Washington throughout my life. I graduated from St. Xavier High School, an all male Jesuit high school in Cincinnati in 2015. I currently am a third year at The Ohio State University studying Biology on a Pre-Medical track in the Biological Science Scholars Program. I have preformed research at the Aronoff Laboratory at Ohio State studying Microbiology under the direction of Irina Artsimovitch. I volunteer once a week at College Mentors, mentoring a 2nd Grader named Keith Hunter. This program extended from my passion to work with children and jppegully in a pediatric department at a hospital one day. Throughout the next two years, I aim to involve myself in numerous service and leadership activities. Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 9.55.51 PM

1st and Second Year in Review

First Year
Being at Ohio State this year has definitely had an impact on me socially, academically and personally. First Ohio state has challenged me in my classes. I have continued my education in Latin, started my studies in Chemistry toward my Biology major and finished my Calculus requirements. I have also had the task of getting involved on campus. Being apart of college mentors has been the way in which I have done this. I have really immersed myself in this program and have obtain a staff position in the process. Finally being at college has challenged me personally. I have started to learn to live on my own and am beginning to understand myself better as an individual person.

Second semester I continued my Chemistry education with the second half, started the first biology course, C=continued my latin education by declaring a minor in it and completed the required English course. I also continued with College Mentors on Tuesdays with the same student. I also began to find friends and started to form friend groups that I continually spent time with. I became used to living on my own and understood the daily live involved with that.

Second Year
Being back at Ohio State for the second year was very different. The class curriculum began to get harder as I took Organic Chemistry 1 and the second Biology class. I also was enrolled in Sociology and Organic Chemistry 1 Lab. At this point in my college education I have a set group of friends and clubs that I am involved in. I have started to take steps to figure out what career path I want to take and look forward to seeing how that progresses. Additionally, I switched my major to Microbiology after guidance from research professor.

Second Semester of my sophomore year was definitely the hardest semester academically. I was enrolled in Organic Chemistry 2, Organic Chemistry 2 Lab, History of Art, and my first major class- Microbiology 1. These classes challenged me but also allowed me to grow as a student and see what study techniques worked and what did not. I believe I have an understanding of how to study now and am looking forward to the upcoming semester in my studies.



Being at the Ohio State University has given me a vast of amount of opportunities to grow as a person. The resources and networks available here can really propel me further into my career. It would truly be remised if I did not take advantage of these opportunities and use them to their full potential. Due to this, I find it necessary to plan out how I am going to use these resources to grow. More importantly, I want to flourish under the G.O.A.L.S set by the Honors & Scholars program here.

Currently, as a first year my focus has been on Original Inquiry, Academic Enrichment, and Service Engagement. For Original Inquiry, I have gotten myself involved with research. For about 5-6 hours a week, I work under the direction of a microbiology professor in the Aronoff Laboratory. I preform experiments under the subject of molecular genetics and DNA replication. My long term plan is to eventually obtain autonomy and independence at this position and be able to carry out projects by myself throughout my undergraduate experience. In terms of Academic Enrichment, I have taken a number of challenging courses to develop my knowledge to progress toward my desired field. Most of these classes in fact were ones that I had to test into, and are ones that should sufficiently allow me to take even more challenging classes in the future. Lastly, I have recently started getting involved in service while at Ohio State. I am looking to be come a Mentor for Kids and am being trained now in the Physicians Free Clinic. I’m hoping to really engage in service in my community, and understand deeper what it means to be a man of service.

In the future one of my main focuses is going to be developing as a leader. Throughout high school I placed a large emphasis on being a leader and hope to continue that in college. The reason I consider this a future goal is because of the logistics of being a leader. In most clubs and organizations, I will have to establish myself before I can obtain a leadership role. This upcoming process excites me and is one that I am looking forward to embarking on.


This picture is of myself and Wardel Barnett. Wardel is a fifth grade that I mentor in the College Mentors for Kids program at Ohio State. I got involved in this program because I hope to work with kids in my profession when I get older. This experience allows me to gain experience working with kids and developing techniques used when interacting with them. This program was also an extension of the community service I had done in high school. In high school, I had volunteered at Children’s Hospital and worked at a place that ran children’s birthday parties. College mentors allows me to continue this service path I have set for myself.