Lab Members


Abigail Beer, MS

Abby is a Research Assistant in the Toland lab.  Her main research focus in the lab is developing 3D cell line models for studying germline-somatic interactions contributing to ancestry differences in somatic mutation frequencies.

Nijole Pollock, BS

Nijole is a PhD graduate student in the Biomedical Sciences.  Her project is characterizing germline-somatic interactions contributing to ancestry-specific differences in KRAS somatic mutation frequencies in colorectal cancer.


Shreya Ghanekar

Shreya is an Undergraduate Student Researcher majoring in Neuroscience who joined our lab family in 2021.

Owen Meadows

Owen is an Undergraduate Student Researcher majoring in Biomedical Sciences who joined our lab family in Summer 2022.


Residents, Visiting Scientists and other Professionals:

Leticia Castro, MD

Karina Colossi Furlan, MD

Alexander Rock, MD



Johnny Ramroop, PhD

Johnny was a Postdoctoral Fellow in the lab who was a recipient of a Pelotonia Postdoctoral Fellowship for his project.    He currently has a teaching position at City University of New York.


Graduate Students:

Amy Dworkin, PhD

Amy is currently Senior Manager, Research Evaluation for the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Jessica Fleming, PhD

Jessica is currently a Radiobiologist in the Department of Radiation Oncology at the Ohio State University.

Madelyn Gerber, PhD

Maddie is a Senior Scientific Affair Specialist for AtriCure Inc. She is also founder of BioDiserta, a scientific writing support company.


Summer Medical Students:

Amber de’Souza, MD


Selected Undergraduates (current degrees):

Gwenyth Amborski, BS

Aarsvhi Bhatt, BS

Aarshvi was an Undergraduate Student Researcher majoring in Health and Rehabilitation Sciences.  She was awarded a Pelotonia Undergraduate Research Fellowship for her research project, “Investigating the OCA2 gene and its role in cancer detection”.

Christopher Bobba, MSTP student

Matthew Cianciolo, BS

Luke Cheng, BS

M. Wyatt Cole, BS, MD student

Cara Dauch, MS

Dustin Gable, MD/PhD


Tanish Gandhi, BS

Tanish was an Undergraduate Student Researcher in our lab majoring in Biomedical Sciences.   He was previously funded by a Pelotonia Undergraduate Research Fellowship for his study, “Determining the role of genetic variants linked to PIK3CA and tumor metabolism”.

Nicholas Gladman, PhD

Kelsey Gray, PhD

Photo by J. Kevin Fitzsimons

Mason Fisher, BS

Liz Lin, BS

Lindsey Mohler, BS

Allison Nosotti, BS

Tyler Siekmann, MD

Sharon Shim, BS

Andrew Spearman, MD

Stephanie Tseng, MD

Ava Willoughby, BS, Genetic counseling student


High School Students:

Isha Bangura

Isha (summer 2022) worked in our laboratory as a part of the OSU CCC CREATES program.

Monica Paredes

Monica (summer 2021) worked in our laboratory through the CREATES program.