Share Your Instructional Resources!

Written by Jane Hammons, Teaching & Learning Engagement Librarian at The Ohio State University

One of the best things about the library profession is that folks are usually very willing to share their ideas and resources with others. Sites such as the Framework for Information Literacy Sandbox and the PRIMO website provide great places where librarians can go to find instructional materials.

In that spirit, I wanted to share some instructional resources that I have recently developed using Adobe Express (not a paid advertisement for Adobe, I promise!). This is a program that allows you to really quickly create professional looking infographics, newsletters, and web resources. After finding out about this and seeing an example, I became basically obsessed with using it to develop new resources (ask the folks in my department if you don’t believe me). In my position, I often have instructional materials that I want to share with other instructors and librarians, not all of whom are at Ohio State. Many of these are housed in Canvas, but that creates challenges for sharing with folks outside of the institution. Express has given me the ability to create resources that I can easily share directly with others without requiring a log in.

A few of the recent resources I have developed include:


These two guides are aimed at students and are intended to provide a quick overview of some of the more common misconceptions that students might hold about source evaluation (such as all .org sources are trustworthy) as well as an introduction to the lateral reading method of source evaluation.

In addition, I created short guides for each of the core concepts in the Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education (Association of College & Research Libraries). These are intended to provide quick overviews of these concepts for either instructors or students.



If any of these resources may prove valuable to your instruction, please feel free to use them.

Do you have any instructional resources that you have developed that you would like to share with others? If so, we would love to see them. Please feel free to post a link in the chat below.