Welcome to the OSUL Teaching & Learning Blog! This blog was developed with the intent to provide advice and resources to all librarians involved in teaching, whether that be through instructional one-shots, or through specific courses, such as Arts & Sciences 2120. Here, you are encouraged to be proactive, and ask any instructional questions you might have. Have you faced new challenges in the classroom with student engagement, and need some advice on how to better reach students? Have any questions about implementing new technology in the classroom? Ask away, we’d be happy to answer and provide any advice we can.

To ask your question, simply leave a comment below any blog entry you read. We’ll add new posts on the home page of this blog monthly, and if you subscribe to this page you’ll be notified of new blog entries by email. Expect answers from special guest bloggers from University Libraries, as well as members of the committee. Additionally, you’ll find various books, articles, podcasts, and other materials to provide information on how to resolve instructional problems that you may have encountered in the classroom listed within various tabs towards the top of the page. These resources have been organized around four themes: Instructional Design, Learning, Teaching Methods, and Assessment. If you are interested in writing for the blog, please feel free to contact us. You will find information about committee members under the about us tab.




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