About Me


I am a PhD student in the Department of Physics at the Ohio State University. I am currently a graduate student research assistant at Dr. Jay Gupta’s lab. In my research, I explore interesting behaviors of atoms and molecules in the nanometer-scale. In particular, I study the change in electronic structure of 2D materials by surface functionalization, atomic defect in semiconductors, and surface chemistry of reduction reaction of CO2 into transportation fuel such as methanol. I got my bachelor degree in Physics from University of California Riverside (UCR). As an undergraduate student, I did research under Dr. Roland Kawakami in his molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) lab.

When I am not doing physics, I like to play guitar, bass, and mandolin. I can spend hours jamming with friends. Aside for music, I’m also passionate about photography. I also like to ride my bike on the Olentangy trail on weekends (or whenever Ohio’s weather decided to be nice). In addition to the bike, I recently expand my means of transport with an electric skateboard. So if you see me on the trail with my bike or on the street with the skateboard, say hello.