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IMG_5927Hey Y’all, just wanted to fill you all in. I guess I’ll be here for a year posting “artifacts” and such nuances. For me personally, I’ll try to take some of these run-of-the mill prompts and run with them to an almost genuine sounding stream of comments. It’s all a challenge. It’s just for fun. I think Cody and Janae know that I can write summaries of my life as dryly as possible, but I figure that this way I’ll end up with effort points for tying to cram real life into an awkward set of assignments.

Let me reflect by saying that so far these assignments have been beautifully open ended with enough space for me to share anything I want. That’s honestly great.

In this excerpt I’m supposed to introduce myself to you all, my loving crowd of faceless internet surfers. Let’s see, I’ll start with the official. I’m a snare drummer first and foremost – that’s just where all of my pride is held. After that I’m an engineer: Math, Science, and the insatiable need to understand the purpose and mechanism of everything kinda courses through my veins like napalm. I’m generally happy by a combination of habit and choice. Stick around and maybe you’ll be entertained. If not, it’s the internet. Go find someone else to criticize.

Looking forward to how this whole thing turns out!

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