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✦  1st Place  ✦

The Earth is a place we can connect with others – those who are with us physically and those who lived long before us. Photo taken in Subway Cave in Boynton Canyon – Sedona, Arizona. 8 AM.

– Alison Ritenour


✦  2nd Place  ✦

To me, the earth means the opportunity to see things I’ve never seen before. This past spring break my dad and I went on a hiking trip out west and got to take in the beauty around us.
–  Luke Berlin


✦  3rd Place (Tie) ✦

The Earth is our provider. The air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat all come from the Earth. The Earth is our home. Protect our home and its beauty.
–  Olivia Severyn


✦  3rd Place (Tie) ✦

The Earth is our space to connect with those we love. While it is beautiful on its own, the people that inhabit it are what make it come to life. My favorite moments are spent outside; taking my little siblings on walks, asking them about their hopes for the future, and allowing their imaginations to run wild in nature. I learn new things constantly through their fresh eyes and curiosity. The Earth teaches them responsibility and respect for others. The Earth offers us a place to laugh together, grow together, and be together.
–  Mariah Sanderson