Sustainability never stops, even in a global pandemic.

So, why talk about environmental sustainability during a worldwide health crisis?


We would respond to that question by asking…


How can you not talk about sustainability in a global pandemic?


The simple answer is that the two are not separate. Humans (and their habits) are constantly influencing the current and future state of our planet. That much interaction does not keep humans safe from the potential consequences of opening up our species to diseases found in nature.


This relationship is referred to as the “Ecology of Disease” in an article by The New York Times. Click on the article below to learn why it is so important to “do things sustainably. If you can get a handle on what it is that drives the emergence of a disease, then you can learn to modify environments sustainably.”


Regardless of all the negatives, there is still a silver lining. Satellites from NASA have detected improvements in air pollution from the decreased amount of emissions produced by each country.


Here is a heat map that shows the reduction of emissions. Click on the article below to learn more about how the coronavirus outbreak might be slowing the impacts of climate change.