About Us

Time for Change (T4C) at The Ohio State University aims to transform Ohio State into a model of global citizenship by mobilizing the community to actively participate in environmental stewardship and compassionate social responsibility. Our organization will achieve this through our annual Time for Change Week event.

Time for Change Week is a collaboration between student organizations, campus administrators, university offices, and business partners to create a week of programming and events focused on increasing environmental awareness and community engagement among the Ohio State community. It aims to connect the environment and sustainability to a wide variety disciplines, such as business, health, art, engineering, service, and more! No matter a person’s beliefs, affiliation, or interests, everyone benefits from a healthy, sustainable community and planet.

Student Leaders

Anna Martin

Abby Thiel

Carrot Wang

Sydni Porter

Olivia French

Abby Stitt

Asia Evans

Monica Shah

TJ Kirby

Troy Tofil

Liz Lima

Abby Falcone

Ohio State Staff and Administration

Tom Reeves, Office of Student Life Energy Management and Sustainability, Director

Gina Langen, Sustainability Institute, Director of Communications & Marketing

Joan Wall, Sustainability Institute, Editor

Gina Jaquet, Sustainability Institute, Director, Sustainability Education and Learning

Matt Griffin, Sustainability Institute, Program Coordinator, Sustainability Education and Learning

Michelle Cane, Global Water Institute, Student Activities Program Assistant

Mike Shelton, Sustainability Institute, Associate Director

Tony Gillund, Sustainability Institute, Sustainability Manager

Mary Leciejewski, Facilities Operations and Development, Sustainability Coordinator