Wednesday, April 11, 2018


10-10:15am – Welcome and Introductions

10:15am-12noon – First Session: Eras, Stages, and Non-linearity

Chair: Ousman Murzik Kobo (History)

  • Andrea Grottoli (Ecology and Biology), “Coral Reefs and Climate Change: We are running out of time”
  • Stephen Petrill (Psychology), “Human Development: Time as Sequence, Stages, or Chronology”
  • Adélékè Adéẹ̀kó ̣(Literature and Theory), “Time is Not Straight Like a Thoroughfare”


1-2pm – Time and Comics Library Presentation

“Comics, Time and Memory” with Caitlin McGurk at The Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum


2-3:45pm – Second Session: Bodies, Movement, Sound

Chair: Tamar Rudavsky (Philosophy)

  • Hannah Kosstrin (Dance), “Temporal Tactility in Trisha Brown’s Locus (1975)”
  • Lynn Kaye (Law and Religion), “Bodies Moving Through Space in Classical Jewish Law”
  • Leta Hendricks (African and African American Studies), “Breaks in Time: Sampling in Rap Music”



4:15-6:00pm – Third Session: Memory, Memories, and Relative Time

Chair: Katherine Elkins, (World Literatures and Humane Studies)

  • Ila Nagar (Linguistics and Ethnography), “Violence: Memories and Narrations”
  • Michal Raizen (Comparative Literature, Film, and Ethnomusicology),  “Temporalities of Sound in Elia Suleiman’s The Time That Remains
  • Kenneth Supowit (Computer Science and Engineering), “Computation Time Relative to an Oracle”


Thursday, April 12, 2018


9:15-11am – Fourth Session: Arrows, Atoms, and Vessels

Chair: Stephen Kern (History)

  • William Palmer (Physics), “The Arrow of Time”
  • Tamar Rudavsky (Philosophy), “Atomistic Conceptions of Time in Medieval and Contemporary Philosophy”
  • Melissa Curley (Philosophy and Religion), “All the Time There Is: Cloth Bag as a Buddhist Image of Time”



12-1:45pm – Fifth Session: Through Space and Time

Chair: Andrea Wolfe (Plant Systematics and Evolution)


2:15-4pm – Sixth Session: Anticipating the Future and the End

Chair: Hadi Jorati (History of Science, Iranian Studies)

  • Johanna Sellman (Comparative Literature), “The Queue as Dystopia: Waiting and Time Markers in Contemporary Arabic Future Writing”
  • Ryan Nash (Medicine and Bioethics), “Time of Death Through the Physician’s Gaze”
  • Sarit Kattan Gribetz (Religion and Theology) “The Birthpangs of the Messiah: Women’s Bodies as Metaphors for the End of Time”


4-4:30pm – Conclusions