Instructional Redesign with Student-to-Student Peer Review

Instructional Redesign with Student-to-Student Peer Review

In collaboration with the Drake Institute for Teaching and Learning, Joni Tornwall will facilitate a four-week professional development opportunity designed to guide you through the process of integrating student-to-student peer review in your course. By the end of the course, in addition to your newly designed peer-review assignment, you will also have a solid start on your Instructional Redesign portfolio for submission the Drake Institute Teaching Support Program.

Student-Centered Assessment: Peer Review and Feedback

Dates: July 5-30, 2021

Registration: Available through BuckeyeLearn and the Drake Institute. Please send note to the College of Nursing Academy of Teaching Innovation, Excellence, and Scholarship if you have questions about the course. For questions or technical issues related to registration, please email

Format: Fully online, asynchronous, with optional virtual “office hours” with the facilitator.

Time commitment: about 5 hours per week over 4 weeks. Time and effort each week includes one required article/reading, a video read-through of the weekly article, video lecture on content, and a weekly draft submission of a portion of your portfolio.

Course Description

Student-to-student peer review promotes engagement among peers, encourages metacognitive reflection on performance standards, and provides feedback in greater quantity and from more diverse perspectives than an instructor can provide alone. Learn how to integrate peer review in your course using a new or existing assignment. Find out how to use the peer review tool in Carmen, guide students to complete the peer review and provide supportive collegial feedback to their peers, and assess the quality of feedback students provide to each other.

Who should take this course?

Any faculty member who:

  • Identifies student engagement with peers and course content as a teaching challenge
  • Wishes to improve quality of student-to-student feedback on class assignments
  • Is interested in implementing peer review of a major course assignment to foster student engagement with peers and course content
    • Peer review is a good fit for a wide variety of assignments, including written work, presentations, and teamwork or group performance, as long as the assignment has progressive, iterative submissions
    • Optionally, aims to complete the Instructional Redesign project (Component 3) through the Drake Institute

What will participants learn?

Faculty who participate in this course will:

  • Define peer review, peer assessment, and peer feedback in general and in the context of academic education specific to one’s own discipline.
  • Identify specific and appropriate learning objectives and standards of practice/performance against which students will review their peers.
  • Apply evidence-based approaches to the design of peer assessment and feedback teaching strategies.
  • Provide students with emotional and cognitive preparation to give, receive, and respond to feedback.
  • Develop evidence-based approaches to assessment of quality of student feedback and impact on student achievement of learning objectives.

What products will I have when I finish this course?

Upon successful completion of all course components, you will have a redesigned iterative (multipart, longer-term) assignment that integrates peer assessment in an evidence-based way. You will also complete drafts of Sections I and II of the Drake Instructional Redesign portfolio and prepare foundational information needed to complete Sections III and IV.


Joni Tornwall, PhD, RN, is an associate professor of clinical nursing in the College of Nursing at Ohio State. Her work is focused on student-to-student peer review and feedback in academic settings. She is an instructional designer, Quality Matters trainer and facilitator, and an educator with over 15 years of experience teaching courses in health care and faculty professional development. Her publications related to peer review are listed below.

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