About Me

My name is Alex Tieche and I am currently an engineering undeclared student at the Ohio State University. I currently plan on pursuing a chemical engineering degree, but I am still considering other disciplines in the engineering field. I am also interested in pursuing a minor in computer science and Spanish. Additionally, I am a part of the STEM EE scholars here at Ohio State and I plan on fulfilling all of the tasks related to this program. In high school I was a part of the GenYes program for 3 years, which was our school’s version of an IT support program. Every student in our school was given a laptop and we were the people they came to if they had any type of issue, both hardware and software. I also played soccer in high school, and I was on the academic team, which are two extracurricular activities I would like to continue in college. In fact, I have already joined an intramural soccer team and the academic team here on campus. I also plan to join the Big Data and Analytics Association, Chemistry Club, and DanceSport, which is a social and competitive ballroom dancing club; although, I don’t plan on competing in this club. My goals for the near future include: finding an internship, deciding which discipline I want to pursue, and becoming more involved in my new community. I have already participated in Ohio State’s annual Pay It Forward sponsored “Community Commitment” event, and I plan on volunteering a lot throughout my first year. For example, I would like to join Buck-I-Serve for one of their volunteering trips. In high school I also had a job at Coastal Pet Products in Alliance. I worked from 6am to 2:30pm every weekday for 8 weeks. I had done an independent landscaping service before working here so this was my first experience having a boss. I learned what it takes to be hardworking, collaborative, and having great attention to detail in a factory setting. I was in charge of separating products upon the company’s request. I believe I learned what it takes to be an asset in today’s workforce through this experience. I hope I will have the opportunity to show my capabilities in an internship in the near future.