Spring Project for STEM Scholars

Through the STEM Exploration and Engagement Scholars program I am starting a smaller capstone project to prepare myself for a larger one in the near future. I am still technically in the brainstorming phase, however I think I have a good idea. I want to learn how to code using the language Swift. I recently learned that apple products use applications primarily coded in Swift, so I want to learn how to write applications that can actually be used by people. I am not really sure how long this will take, so I am not sure what my final product will be. I already have coding experience, which I think will help me understand the logic behind the code, but I’m not sure how different it is. I’m thinking my final product will either be my certification in Swift or it will be a simple app that I develop. I expect to use multiple online resources to learn the syntax and semantics of the language. Overall, I’m excited to finally learn another coding language. In high school, I learned Java and Python, but now that I’m majoring in chemical engineering I’ve had no reason to learn another language. This project should be the perfect excuse to hone this new skill while also potentially opening a side project for the future.

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