This photo is of myself and some friends from the scholars program at the OSU Soccer home opener for the 2018 season. This particular picture is important to me not only because it was the first OSU sports contest I had attended as a student, but also because It helped to teach me about how a sports organization is run through the players and coaches level. Although I am not interested in working professionally as a coach or player, it is important to know how players and coaches perform when one is working in an athletic general manager or financial advising profession.

About Me

My name is Lucas Tiberi, born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. I went to Columbus Academy high school and I am currently 18 years old. I am currently completely undecided in my major, but I am very interested in double majoring in sports management and a business related major such as marketing or finance.

I enjoy doing physical activities in my spare time such as exercising for self betterment, and playing organized sports such as basketball and volleyball. I am also a big sports fan of the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Cleveland Browns, and of course the Ohio State Buckeyes.

Semester in Review

This past year in Biological Sciences Scholars, I have learned a lot of valuable knowledge to further my career. Scholars taught me a lot about resume building, even if my interests do not necessarily align with biology or science related majors at all. This has been huge for me, because I have learned how to advertise myself as a more professional adult over the internet, which will be extremely important for me as I continue to develop as an adult.


  • Global Awareness:
  • Original Inquiry:
  • Academic Enrichment: I hope to soon apply for and be hired in an internship with a business professional who works for a sports organization in order to fit the academic enrichment goal. Doing an internship with any local or nearby sports team such as the Columbus Blue Jackets, Columbus Crew, or Cleveland Cavaliers would give me valuable professional skills such as communication, active listening and learning, and networking, as well as learning the skills and careers attainable with a sports management and business degree.
  • Leadership Development:
  • Service Engagement: Being a Columbus native during my time in high school, I spent a decent amount of time volunteering downtown at various food pantries and soup kitchens. I hope to continue to give back to my community in this way during my time as a scholars student at Ohio State.