Note taking for online course

For the difficulties in reading and taking notes on the Internet, I think the biggest thing is that I can’t mark the places in the article that I don’t understand while reading. Usually when I read the book, I will mark what I don’t understand. Usually I will use the pen to underline these words or circle them, then I will look at the meaning of these words and simply record them in the margins on the side. I believe this will be very helpful for my later reading, because when I don’t know, I can go back and see what they mean. But I can’t easily label it on the Internet. I can only write what they mean on paper. When I come back later, I may not be able to find the piece of paper or I don’t know which online article corresponds to the explanation on the paper. I checked it online and found that there are some software that can be used to read and mark at the same time, such as goodreader, PDFExpert, and Office Lans. Most of these softwares are on the iPad, and they are basically paid for, but not very expensive.

Here is the link of video which gives me a lot help.

Time management

For the time management, I always start the work of online course at the very end of the week, like Sunday’s night. Right now, I am working on this reflection paper, and the time is 21:08pm. And this problem would further make many other problems. First, if I start the work so late, I will have very little time to finish it. And then I will lose time to think, construct, and improve my assignment. The result is I hastily finished my work and got a heartbreaking grade. Procrastination: Ten Things To Know (2016) mentioned that procrastinators tell lies to themselves. I believe this what I am. I always told myself I could do better later because when I have to do that, I will be more efficient. And all results of grade can help me wake up. I decide to make a picture of all my low grade caused by procrastination and set it as my phone’s wallpaper. And every time I open my phone, it can remind me the bad results of procrastination.

Here is the link of video which gives me a lot help.

Communicating with others and searching useful information

I had experienced some challenges in my past online learning. The one is the difficulty in communicating with instructor. Generally, the main way to ask questions in online learning is sending emails to the instructor and waiting for the reply. When I learned the online course of Food Science, I thought that course is difficult but I felt ashamed if I sent too many emails for asking questions. And when I worked on the assignment in the night, I can’t get the reply and I also felt ashamed to ask other students because I even didn’t know him or her. Not like in face-to-face learning, I could know several classmates and I would ask them questions whenever I did the assignment.

Usually I would like to use OSU Online Library to look for the references and useful knowledge. I use the keywords to look for the articles that I need. And then I will choose useful knowledge in these articles as my references or evidences. Most of time, it can help me lot.

Here is the link which gives me a lot help.