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The most serious legal ramification of NBC Universal Inc. v Broker’s Choice of America (Tyrone Clark) is the tactics the court allows in libel cases. NBC gathered their evidence in a manner that was less than ethical; they used fake permits to get them into a private seminar that they then illegally filmed. This case has the ability to set a precedent for how information can be obtained and whether this information is able to be used in court. Un-ethical gathering of information used to defame someone’s character is morally wrong and a dangerous precedent to allow for future cases.
Not only was the evidence obtained in a questionable manor NBC edited their findings down to only 112 words of a two day seminar to make a case against Clark that not only incriminated him but his business as well. If this case is decided without allowing the entire video from the two day seminar it will be impossible to truly know whether the context of Mr. Clark’s words (used in the special for dateline) were those of a man trying to con people into buying insurance or those of a man who has had his reputation defamed because libeled his name. and I think this will be another important ramification of this case.

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