Which Freedom Could You Live Without.

Of all the freedoms granted under the first amendment the one I could live without would be the freedom to petition. Petitioning can be an effective way to voice your opinion and evoke change but not nearly as important as the right to free speech, press, assembly, and religion. Without freedom of petition we as citizens of the United States could still experience a rather unique and gratifying way of life not seen in other parts of the world. But without one of the other four freedoms our rights under our democratic government would be severely undermined.

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    • I posted it on my original blog that I was using for both COMM 2221 and COMM 3404 before I got a new blog specifically for 3404. But I just reposted to my COMM 3404 blog. And originally I was a justice and a lawyer and I didn’t know it until yesterday so I did my blog post as a justice.

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