Welcome to my Honors & Scholars e-Portfolio

I am an undergraduate freshman here at The Ohio State University. I am currently a member of the biological sciences scholars program and am pursuing a B.S. in Biology as well as a B.A. in Chemistry. I plan on using this degree to get into medical school, where I hope to gain the knowledge necessary for me to become a cardiovascular surgeon.

Year in Review

My first semester of college, I have spent much of my time adapting to the new world that is my home for the next four years, or more. I’ve gained a lot of connections, whether professional or as casual as finding new friends. Another large chunk of my time has been spent trying to keep up academically, which has gone so well so far. I’ve been dying to find different capacities in which I can make myself useful, through both service back to the community or involvement in OSU organizations. I have changed accordingly and have kept up with everything happening around me, hopefully that will continue throughout my time at this university.



  • Global Awareness: I plan to volunteer in the third-world at a point either during my undergraduate or afterwards during medical school. In this setting I plan on helping in whatever way needed, whether that includes building a new school in a small community or helping to administer vaccines to those who can’t otherwise get themselves.
  • Original Inquiry: Though I’ve already been involved in REP research for psychology, I plan on extending my knowledge of the science field by getting involved in a research lab during my sophomore or junior year of my undergraduate program.
  • Academic Enrichment: During my years in school, I have always pushed myself to do my best, I will continue to pursue this goal throughout college by attending office hours when possible and sitting at the front of the classroom in order to maintain good standing with my professors and with the university in respect to my grades.
  • Leadership Development: I have already become an influential member of a church organization off-campus, but plan to reach for leadership positions within intramural sports and in clubs, likely with a medical outlook to them.
  • Service Engagement: I plan to become a regular volunteer for the Wexner Medical Center or possibly the James Cancer Center, hoping to give back to the community at least a little in what ways I am able.


A huge start to any good career is a solid resume, this document, with improvements in the future, will undoubtedly help me to make it to my professional goals for the future.


During the past 12 summers of my life, I was privileged enough to attend FHCYC, a church camp that with spiritual guiding also taught me valuable leadership and teamwork skills. My two most recent summers I was recognized as the most advanced camper in reference to bible knowledge. The central trophy signifies my leadership and team working skills that were among the most advanced among the other campers for my final year as a camper. These trophies remind me of all the skills, knowledge, and memories that were cultivated in me at FHCYC over the past 12 years.

About Me

Hi, I’m Brandon Thompson, a Biological Sciences Scholar at The Ohio State University. I enjoy biking and hiking as well as playing trumpet and soccer. I am currently a freshman pursuing a double major in Biology and Chemistry with a Pre-Medical track. I plan on using these degrees to attend medical school and with the knowledge I gain from that, plan on becoming a Cardiovascular surgeon.