Columbus Adventure

Our peer leader group went to Kafe Kerouch. We all went and got a cup of coffee together and talked about what was going on in our lives. The coffee was extremely good. I also loved that all of the names of the beverages were named after famous authors. I also learned a lot about all of my classmates. I have never hung out with many of them before, so I enjoyed getting to know more about my group. I would definitely recommend this cafe to a friend. It was very enjoyable. I loved the atmosphere and the drinks. I hope to go back soon.

Columbus To Do List #2

The last place I went in Columbus was Easton mall. We walked around for a bit and did some shopping and ended there with eating at Flipside. I really enjoyed Easton. The mall is really nice and has a lot of great stores. I also really liked Flipside. It has great burgers and a great atmosphere. It was nice to be able to get out for a little while, and Easton was a great place to go. I would recommend going to someone I know. It has a lot to do and is very fun. I am glad I got to go.

My favorite experience was going to Jeni’s. I really like their ice cream. It was also nice to be able to go with friends. We all had a great time together and it was fun to get to go out with everyone. I learned that Columbus is a great place to call home. I was not sure I would like Columbus as much as my hometown, but after getting to explore it some, I have found that it is a great place to call home. I would like to go downtown more when I explore next. Downtown always looks like a lot of fun. If someone were to be exploring Columbus as well, I would recommend that they go to Jeni’s and look downtown more for other places to go.

Artifact #2

The artifact I chose for my fall semester was soccer. I play for an intramural team with people from HES. It has helped destress me these past few weeks. I get very excited whenever we have a game. I also enjoy spending time with everyone on the team. I have become good friends with everyone and we always have fun when we play. We will also have practices whenever we do not have games which is a good break from homework. It is also good exercise for me and helps keep me active. I do not usually work out on my own, so this is a good way to keep me in shape. Soccer has been one of my favorite experiences so far in college.

Columbus To Do List #1

This semester, I have decided not to choose one of the lists. I hope to explore all of the aspects of Columbus, so I will be exploring many different activities from different categories. I hope to be able to experience many new activities throughout this semester. I have lived in the same city my whole life, so it is an extremely new experience for me to live somewhere completely new. Getting to know my new city will help me feel more connected to it. So far, I have experienced going to Stack City in Short North and going to Jeni’s, also in Short North.

Stack City is a restaurant in Short North. They mostly serve burgers and foods that are in that same category. First, we rode the bus over to Short North. It was a very rainy day, so we did not spend much time outside. Then we arrived at the restaurant. The place seemed very charming. We then took a picture outside with the giant burger they have outside. The staff there was extremely nice and willing to take our picture. We then sat down and ordered our food. Our waiter was also extremely nice and the service was very fast. I really enjoyed the burger I got, which was called the Red, White and Blue Burger. I really enjoyed this restaurant, and would recommend it to anyone who thought about going.

The second place we visited was Jeni’s. We went immediately after going to Stack City. I love Jeni’s. The store is very cute. The decorations give the store a nice feel to it. We all got our ice cream and ate it together in the store. I got a half a scoop of Roasted Strawberry Buttermilk and a half of Milkiest Chocolate. These are both by far my favorite flavors from Jeni’s. I like how the strawberry flavor tastes like actual strawberries instead of strawberry flavoring. After, we all took a group photo. The workers were very nice about taking a photo of us. I would recommend Jeni’s to anyone who wanted to go there.

About Lexie Thompson

My name is Alexis Thompson. However, everyone calls me Lexie. I am from Westlake, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland. I live with my mom, my dad, my older sister, Emma, my younger brother, Ian, and my 2 dogs, Leo and Mick. I went to Magnificat High School in Rocky River. In high school, I did track, STEM club, Mu Alpha Theta, and coding. I am in the school of Engineering this fall with a pre-major in Computer Science and Engineering. I chose this major because I love math and problem solving. I also love programming. I started programming three years ago at a Tech Corps camp where I learned C#. From there, I knew that this was the career I wanted to pursue. After the Tech Corps camp, I did 2 years of camps at Hyland Software, a software company based in Westlake, where I learned HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and C#. I am also in Humanitarian Engineering Scholars. I chose to be in HES because I did a lot of service in high school, and I wanted to continue that service through college while also integrating it into my interest in engineering. The service I did in high school was tutoring, volunteering for Youth Challenge, a non-profit that helps kids with disabilities be able to do sports, and I was involved in my church. By the end of my years at Ohio State, I hope to have the skills to get a job and I hope to have already had some work experience.

  1. Analytical. I connect to analytical because I tend to analyze every possible outcome from a solution when I am trying to solve a problem. I tend to follow what I think is most logical.
  2. Ideation. I am a logical person and I enjoy puzzles and figuring out solutions. That is why I enjoy math and programming.
  3. Adaptability. I usually create plans at the last minute. I can also adapt to other ideas besides my own.
  4. Individualization. I am a pretty encouraging person and I like to see other people succeed. I have always been good at encouraging others.
  5. Input. I have always enjoyed hearing stories from all sides. I like to educate myself on every point of view possible when thinking about different issues.

Year in Review

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Artifact #1

The artifact I chose from high school was my dogs. The brown dog is named Leo and the white dog is named Mick. They are Australian labradoodles. I got my dogs my freshman year of high school about 3 months after my previous dog had passed away. Getting them helped me get over the pain of losing my last dog. As well, I helped train and take care of them with the rest of my family. This helped me to learn responsibility and gave me a chance to care for another living creature. My dogs also helped me through any rough times I had in high school. Without my dogs, high school would have been a lot harder.