April Refelction

Something I learned in this class is how to save my money for my finances in the future. When learning about different types of savings for retirement can really impact my money situations for when I am in the workforce. Prioritizing where I spend my money and where the money is going to be stored and saved. I learned more about investing money and the different ways to invest my money than just saving it in the back account while it depreciates. 


Something I learned about myself is that when working on larger projects I need to give myself more time to craft my idea. To properly create my work and have it come out as the best, giving myself plenty of time will ensure my work is correct and allow me to make changes. I have realized that my timeframe of doing my work is much larger than others and I take more time to understand the project and the goals that I have to accomplish. 


Recently I have been struggling with keeping up with my biology class and trying to maintain a good grade. I am not sure if I don’t understand the material or if I need to study more. I need to find ways to raise my grade to what I want and find my own way to better understand the material. When taking 18 credit hours learning how to manage my time has been a lot harder than last semester. 


I have achieved to push myself in practicing the violin more and take a deeper look into the harder parts of the music. I have a concert soon and trying to master the parts that are still challenging is definitely a struggle but pushing myself to practice more often. If I can accomplish more difficult spots in the music then I will have achieved more than what I was planning on.

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