Humans of OSU

Before I even started interviewing Hayley Svensson, she opened her book bag to pull out a Ziploc bag filled with a large hunk of bread. Not like a thin slice of white bread, but a good chunk of a homemade loaf. I felt that it was only natural that the interview became centered around this bread. She explained when her family, both immediate and extended, made the annual trip to Myrtle Beach, her great aunt baked a loaf of traditional Swedish bread for everyone. Unfortunately, family health problems prevented this trip from continuing, yet her great aunt persisted and began to mail out these loaves of bread once in a blue moon. Hayley said how the bread reminds her of her Swedish heritage from her father’s side, and how she doesn’t have these same kind of traditional influences from the Israeli heritage from her mother’s side. Expanding on this, she believed that because she has met her living relatives from Israel and she has no relatives who are currently living in Sweden, the Swedish traditions are more prevalent in her life in order for Hayley to not forget either side of her blended heritage.

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