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My name is Ann and I’m a freshman at The Ohio State University. I grew up in Mason, Ohio, which is really close to Cincinnati. Back home, in my free time, I rode horses and jumped them competitively. I’ve always known I wanted to go to Ohio State and I’m thrilled to finally be here. My future goal is to go to Medical school (hopefully at Ohio state as well!).  Ultimately, I would love to become a pediatrician or a Neonatologist. I first discovered I wanted to do something in the medical field in high school. Courses I took such as Honors Anatomy and Physiology, AP Biology and AP Psychology peaked my interest in this field and I realized that was what I wanted to do with my life. Furthermore, volunteering at my local hospital’s pharmacy and patient services wing further solidified my desires. I am really excited to explore campus and all the opportunities it offers!

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