I am a PhD candidate in the Department of Linguistics at the Ohio State University. I do research in semantics, pragmatics, and sociolinguistics.

In other words, I study linguistic meaning. My research investigates how the meanings of utterances are built up from the meanings of their constituent parts, and how those meanings are influenced by their context. I am particularly interested in how social meaning can interact with semantic and pragmatic meaning, and I think that the study of semantics can be enriched by insights from sociolinguistics.

Phenomena I am interested in include discourse particles, scalarity, questions, imperatives, negative polarity items, implicature, and social indexicality. My dissertation research focuses on additive particles including too, also, and either.

My research:

Conference papers:

English does too have a [REVERSE,+] polarity particle! Submitted to Proceedings of Sinn und Bedeutung 27.

Toward a unified semantics for English either. Proceedings of SALT 31. (2021).

Social inferences from the use of just as an exclusive particle. Proceedings of the Linguistic Society of America 6(1). (2021).

The interaction of just with modified scalar predicates (with Ashwini Deo). Proceedings of Sinn und Bedeutung 24. (2020).

Other Presentations:

Taking stock of theories of the imperative: Evidence from just. Talk delivered at CLS 57. (2021).

The discourse effect of just in imperative and interrogative utterances. Poster presented at the WeSSLLI Virtual Student Session. (2020). (One of two awarded Best Poster.)