This Is Where We Dance Now: COVID-19 and the New and Next in Dance Onscreen is a special issue of The International Journal of Screendance guest-edited by Harmony Bench and Alexandra Harlig. This journal issue seeks to represent and respond to our current moment, during which 2020 and 2021 have rapidly, and possibly irrevocably, rewritten the playbook for dance onscreen and dance online. Activities once on the sidelines of the dance field are the new normal: teaching technique on Zoom, holding online dance film festivals, DJing house parties on Instagram, streaming archival performance documentation, making TikToks. This Is Where We Dance Now, due out in May/June 2021, will critically examine the changes to dance and screendance practices unfolding in the current era of quarantine and social distancing. Although the long-term implications of this upheaval remain to be seen, for now, we are seeing the culmination of a trend that has been developing over the past two decades or more: now all dance is screendance.

Join us for an online symposium where many of the journal authors will share their perspectives in paper panels and lightning talks, and roundtable partcipants will reflect on TikTok and other short-form screendance, screendance festivals, and the futures of screendance in a post-Covid era. The symposium is free, but you must register to get a Zoom link (Register: https://osu.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJwvcuuhqD4vGNSHPPn2Np_c2d9nwJ3jEoCO).