My first artifact is my grandmother’s Ohio State pin. I’m a third generation buckeye and I keep this pin on my backpack to remind me of how hard my parents and my parents’ parents have worked to help get me to this point. I believe that it’s important to be thankful for all of the amazing opportunities and people that I have in my life. This also helps remind me that it is important to give back to the community and those who don’t have the same opportunities.



My second artifact is my Arduino Mega. I’ve had this board and my interest in electronics since my junior year. My current project using this is re-design and build custom timing equipment for my high school physics teacher. There is currently an issue because they use old custom build timing equipment for physics experiments and have a finite supply of these timers, I hope to use what I learn to help solve this problem and possible publish the design for the use of other schools. I’m very excited to finally be learning what I’m interested in.

About Me

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My name is Alex Thieken and I’m a first year Engineering Physics major from Avon Lake, Ohio. I have two younger sisters and three cats who I love spending time with and miss dearly. Things I enjoy include Frisbee, Soccer, hobbyist electronics and of course, physics. I love being someone who people can go to for help and love spending quality time with friends. My top five Gallup Strengths Finder strengths are Learner, Restorative, Connectedness, Empathy and Responsibility