PP 7002

Plant Disease Epidemiology is a graduate course taught at The Ohio State University (PP 7002) and offered to our collaborating institutions, in some years including University of Florida, Cornell University, Colorado State University, and Norway.


Instructor: Larry V. Madden, Ph.D.
Distinguished Professor in Plant Protection
Associate Chair of the Dept. of Plant Pathology
Ohio State University / OARDC
Department of Plant Pathology
1680 Madison Ave.
Wooster, Ohio 44691
Phone: 330-263-3839
Email: madden.1@osu.edu


Epidemiology can be considered, quite simply, the study of epidemics.  There are several possible definitions of an epidemic.  We define an epidemic as the change in disease intensity in a host population over time and space.  This course concerns itself with (1) the study of the nature of plant disease epidemics, and (2) the use of mathematical methods to better understand and predict epidemics over time and space.

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Chemical industry and plant breeding have forged fine tactical weapons; but only epidemiology sets the strategy.
~J.E. Vanderplank


Banner Images courtesy of (L to R): Lee Wilson, Lee Wilson, Dan Anco and Mike Ellis

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