Muskingum Co. Cattleman Todd Thompson shares information on Herd Sires….

Blue Collar Performance Bulls at rest…Sale is Saturday, March 27!!!

Be sure to tune in as I visit with Muskingum County Cattlemen Todd Thompson when we discuss the importance of reliable herd sires and the opportunity to purchase some on farm, performance tested, ready to work bulls at the Blue Collar Bull Sale on March 27…Be sure to listen in!!


Market Beef Show Numbers Continue to Grow in 2021!

Interest and participation in the Jr. Market Beef Show in Fairfield County continues to grow! Equaling the largest number of youth to tag in a market steer or market heifer in 15 years, 67 youth brought their market beef show prospects to weigh-in at Fairfield Cattle Company on Saturday, March 13th. This represents a 50+% increase over the 43 youth that weighed-in animals just three years ago.

In summary, sixty seven (67) 4-H and FFA members weighed in a total of 98 beef feeder calves as their projects in preparation for the 2021 Fairfield County Fair’s finished market beef junior show. Of the 98 head tagged in on Saturday, 5 were market heifers and 49 were

e bred, born and raised (BBR) here in Fairfield County. The average weight of all calves was 744 pounds. These calves will be finished and returned to the Fair for exhibition on October 12, 2021 after being on feed for 210 days.  45 different families placed calves on feed for this year’s market beef show.

Participation in this beef project has grown steadily since 2014 when only 35 youth participated at the March weigh-in.

2021; 67 exhibitors tagged in 98 calves (49 were BBR, 5 were heifers)

2020; 59 exhibitors tagged in 84 calves (33 were BBR, 5 were heifers)

2019; 53 exhibitors tagged 77 calves (42 were BBR, 7 were heifers)

2018; 43 exhibitors tagged 62 calves (31 were BBR, 6 were heifers)

2017; 45 exhibitors tagged 65 calves (38 were BBR, 7 were heifers)

2016; 51 exhibitors tagged 70 calves (37 were BBR, 3 were heifers)

2015; 42 exhibitors tagged 62 calves (38 were BBR, 6 were heifers)

2014; 35 exhibitors, 50 calves (31 were BBR)


Ohio BEEF Expo Set to begin on March 18

Plans are nearly complete for the Ohio Cattlemen’s Association’s (OCA) 2021 Ohio Beef Expo scheduled for March 18-21 at the Ohio Expo Center in Columbus. Maintaining a safe environment while providing Expo participants with the critical necessity to continue essential farm income are the objectives driving all decisions for the event.    Accomplishing these goals has required the Beef Expo to reformat several elements to comply with the current COVID related state health orders. The seven seedstock sales have been changed to reduce the number of buyers in one area and scheduled for one sale at a time utilizing only one sale ring in the Voinovich building.

The sales will start Friday afternoon March 19 and continue through Saturday, March 20. Most sales will also provide potential buyers with an optional online bidding opportunity.

The Beef Expo’s trade show has been planned with the goal to provide a retail trade show as close to normal as possible while complying with the state’s health orders. The trade show closing time has been extended until 7:00 p.m. for Thursday-Saturday to accommodate the Continue reading

Bull Selection Requires More Than Just Good looks

Local youth beef exhibitors will recognize Bonnie Bradford of Premier Ultrasound as the person who scans their “carcass” animals.

While eye appeal has always been an important part of selecting beef cattle genetics, there’s also a lot of technology available to help in the selection process. In this recent interview Connie visits with Fairfield County Cattlemen’s Association President Ray Breagel about some of the technology that’s being incorporated into bull selection process at the upcoming Blue Collar Bull Sale he’s coordinating. That includes the use of ultrasound to determine muscling and the ability to quality grade, breeding soundness examinations, EPDs, structural soundness, and genetics among other factors.