Callery Pear Eradication? Now is a great time to tag for removal!!

The impact of the sheer numbers of flowering pear can go unnoticed. But not this time of year. As one of the first flowering trees of the season, now is a great time to tag them for later removal. The key is to know what trees should be removed before they set fruit.  So, you have time.   But NOW is the time to tag trees as they come into flower.  They are so easy to identify.

Interestingly, think about all of the  housing developments that might have used   used pears extensively in home landscapes or as a street tree and how birds loved to help those disperse those seeds.

They looked beautiful but didn’t behave as a sterile tree as advertised. But they are the tree that keeps on giving, or invading.

Did you know it is illegal to buy or sell Ornamental Flowering Pear Trees in Ohio as of January 7th, 2023?  The suggestion is to get out and tag the flowering trees now. Then, sometime before fruit is set, go out and remove the trees. A great fact sheet on invasive plant removal is attached:

Although the fact sheet is written to control Tree of Heaven, some of the same techniques can be employed.    In addition, Ohio Department of Natural Resources has a document regarding Callery Pear:

Also, a general fact sheet on Controlling Undesirable Trees, Shrubs, and Vines in Your Woodland can be found here:

The take home message is if you want to reduce Callery Pear in your landscape or woodlot, now’s the time to tag!

Source: Buckeye Yard and Garden Line    Thomas DeHaas, author