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  1. Hello from France,
    We are a production company (“DIFFERENT Ltd”), based in Paris and active since 1998. We’ve produced 17 shorts films (fiction) since then…
    A few weeks ago, we’ve discovered your festival.
    We are not sure if we can submit our two last films, and when ?
    We’ve read that the 27th of April was the final date, but when will be the next one ?
    “The dolphin skin city” (2011, 20′) and “Relativity explained to children” (2012, 10′) could be sent to you through NTSC dvd or Vimeo link.
    Are their completion date too old for that ?
    Both have been shown in Europe, USA or Australia…

    Apart from filmaking, I also work as a cinema reporter in Paris.
    Thanks in advance for your answer,
    Best regards,
    Pierre Gaffié

    • Pierre, We are constantly taking submissions all year around. The deadline is simply a marker that ends the beginning of one call for submissions and the opening of a new call. Please feel free to send us your work at anytime.

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