Journal of Short Film at the Society for Cinema Media Studies 2015 Annual Conference

Every year the Society for Cinema and Media Studies (SCMS) host an annual conference. During that conference there are over 1500 scholars in the field of film and media studies who participate in panels, workshops, working groups, and more. This year the conference is in Montreal, Canada.
The Journal of Short has been participating in SCMS for the past 5 years by attending and setting up a booth in the exhibition space.
This year we will have a booth to hand out free copies of the JSF to help highlight it’s value as a pedagogical tool. Each volume will contain a link to a recent Teaching Media dossier featuring essays about online teaching and specifically an essay, Using Short Films and Regular Viewing Habits as a Catalyst for Online Pedagogy, that mentions how the JSF is used for online teaching at The Ohio State University.
We are in the process of packing up materials for the exhibition and will be posting more updates on our facebook page as the conference proceeds from March 25th to March 29th.

JSF 33 32 and 22JSF boxset 1JSF boxset 2

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