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The Journal of Short Film volume 31 is available as of March 7th 2014.

Journal of Short Film 31 Picture

Journal of Short Film 31

JSF 31 includes 8 films of various forms highlighting two main approaches: experimentation with a cinematic mode of production and exploring self-reflexive properties of communication found in the moving image. From short-wave radio and typewriters to digital scanners and computer generated presentation of geometries, each piece shows the viewer an altered form of cinematic and social engagement highlighting the difference between an old world and a new world. To watch is not only to experience a particular form of human expression now but to participate in histories and possible futures.

1.  End of Line – Caitlin Zera (2013, 9:13)
2.  When I Stop Looking – Todd Herman (2013, 15:00)
3.  Message From My Centenarian – Georg Koszulinski (2014, 7:00)
4.  Listen – Monteith Mccollum (2013, 10:00)
5.  The Far Side of Laughter – Darine Hotait (2009, 8:00)
6.  Echoes of Information in an n-Dimensional Hilbert Space – David Witzling (2006, 3:15)
7.  Caleb’s Gift – Robert Willard Bates (2013, 13:58)
8.  Close The Lid, Gently – Ariana Gerstein (2012, 4:30)

The Journal of Short Film Staff is:
Publisher – Ohio State University Film Studies Program
Executive Editor – John E. Davidson
Editors – Brian Hauser, Margaret C. Flinn
Production and Graphic Design – Matt Swift
Production Assistant –  Nikki Swift

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