The Journal of Short Film Releases Volume 19

The Journal of Short Film is pleased to announce the upcoming release of volume 19 on July 23rd, 2010. Peer reviewed and to date publishing over 180 filmmakers from all over the globe, this volume explores the intimate relationship between abstract thought and the development of language. From still life to Chopin, each work contains meticulous visual and audio compositions. Roland Barthes argued that photography is a language, so we invite you to allow this collection of photographic short films to speak to you. But, as the proverb says, do not believe everything you hear. Prepare to be challenged visually and conceptually with deception lurking within the languages of sight and sound.

The Journal of Short Film Volume 19 Contents:

1. Infiltration – Charles Chadwick (2009, 4:53)

The film Infiltration is designed to induce a hypnotic state within which a lone figure is carried through deathly sites.

2. Hunger – Carolina Hellsgård (2009, 17:40)

The siblings Roland and Paul watch the deportation of their immigrant neighbors; afterwards they decide to enter the abandoned apartment.

3. Abstract? – Alexei Dmitriev (2009, 3:30)

An unhurried film dealing with the notion of the abstract.

4. Widow – Michael Fisher (2010, 5:30)

A Puritan suitor retreats from a courtship, unaware of his effect on the widow’s bleak state.

5. Canyon Time – Richard O’Sullivan (2004, 15:35)

Canyon Time creates a contrast between the slow-turning time of the natural world and the fleetingness of the human moment.

6. Inner Klänge – Lemeh42 (2010, 10:00)

Inner Klänge is a personal homage made by Lemeh42 to Kandinsky’s homonymous work.

7. Kyrie – Michael A. Morris (2009, 14:30)

A consideration of heavenly bodies and learning by rote.

8. The Commoners – Jessica Bardsley and Penny Lane (2009, 12:30)

An essay film about Eugene Schieffelin’s introduction of European Starlings to America in 1890, and what it means today.

9. Coyote – Robert Harris (1997, 17:07)

Coyote is an invocation of the many shady, shifting forms of Coyote — wild dog, trickster, and smuggler — told in a style that mimics his multifarious shape.

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