The Journal of Short Film Releases Volume 18

The Journal of Short Film is pleased to announce the immediate release of volume 18. Peer reviewed and to date publishing over 180 filmmakers, this a collection of shorts films which explore how humans communicate across space and time. Through highly stylized techniques, the camera observes children and soldiers in the landscapes of Iraq, poetic compositions of nature in 19th century Manhattan, and an impressionistic stop motion animated look at a county fair, just to name a few destinations in this painterly collection of works.

The Journal of Short Film Volume 18 Contents:

Color + Modulation 1 – Rob Tyler (2008, 5:14) Hand painted and digitally manipulated 16mm film provides simple and clean compositions inspired by industrial design and graphic arts.

Sebastian – Ann Steuernagel (2007, 6:00) Sebastian, derived from found documentary footage, is a meditation on beauty, destruction and the unconscious.

Cateract – Sainath Choudhury (2005, 9:00) In part buddhist koan, in part urban love story, the film poses the question of unconditional love, and suggests that there may be an answer.

Winning the Peace – Eli Kaufman (2004, 18:00) An Iraqi-American Marine returns to Iraq to redeem his place of birth, only to destroy the people he hoped to save.

Tidal Wave – Salise Hughes (2005, 1:36) One man’s nightmares take physical shape in a rising tide that seems to be taking the form of each figure in the crowd.

Somewhere Never Traveled – Ben Garchar (2009, 5:30) Only one love, only one take, and then what?

Five County Fair – David Ellsworth (2008, 16:00) An impressionistic super-8 look at Farmville, Virginia’s annual Five County Fair.

The Commoners – Jessica Bardsley and Penny Lane (2009, 12:30) An essay film about Eugene Schieffelin’s introduction of European Starlings to America in 1890, and what it means today.

I Cannot Understand You – David Baeumler (2004, 5:44) Don’t fear life’s misunderstandings – let a philosophical tape recorder guide you through a world of fireworks, flowers and thrill rides.

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