Press Release: The Journal of Short Film Releases Volume 14

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The Journal of Short Film releases Volume 14

(April 7, 2009) The Journal of Short Film released Volume 14 today. This volume—subtitled “Selections from the Art & Tech Residency Program at the Wexner Center for the Arts”—is a stunning collection of work by some of our leading filmmakers.

Since 1989, the Art & Technology residency program, part of the Media Arts department at the Wexner Center for the Arts, has provided in-kind, post-production support for over 250 artists working in film and video. Volume 14 represents some of the highlights from the program’s past 10 years. Art & Tech has been a sanctuary for artists who are looking for creative support (sometimes technical, sometimes creative, and often both) and an environment that encourages experimentation and welcomes the technical challenges that so often result.

Volume 14 takes you from Bolivia to Oz, from 1969 to an anxious timelessness, from tragedy to comedy, and from Iraq to a famous men’s bathroom in Mansfield, OH. The collection is a smashup of forms and aesthetics that bends the mind with its eclecticism yet reveals hints of cross-pollination and connections between artistic processes.

Here is the complete list:

1. Jem Cohen – Blessed are the Dreams of Men (2005, 9:17)
2. Andrés Denegri – Uyuni (2005, 8:08)
3. Natasha Spencer – The House She Flew In On: The Video (2002, 2:48)
4. Joe Sola and Will Eno – Watercolor (2006, 4:13)
5. William E. Jones – Mansfield 1962 (2005, 9:29)
6. Vanalyne Green – Saddle Sores (1998, 19:45)
7. Kelly Reichardt – Travis (2004, 11:46)
8. Deborah Stratman – The Magician’s House (2007, 5:45)
9. Leah Gilliam – Apeshit (1999, 6:23)
10. Sam Green – lot 63 grave c (2005, 9:47)
11. K8 Hardy and Wynne Greenwood – New Report, Artist Unknown (2006, 16:26)

The Journal continues to have a free and open submissions process. Submissions should be sent to The JSF, PO Box 8217, Columbus, OH, 43201, USA. The Journal remains ad-free and committed to independent and underrepresented work.

Contact: Karl Mechem, publisher, The Journal of Short Film, contact (at)