UPCOMING JSF EVENT: NWFC, Portland, OR, 5/28/08

We know Volume 11 hasn’t been released yet and is just an itchy figment of your imagination right now, but that’s all about to change. Vol.11 will be the Journal’s first geographically themed collection, highlighting the filmmaking hotspot that is Portland, OR. It will be released in May, but the big news of the dayis that the volume will premiere at the Northwest Film Center in Portland.

THE DETAILS: May 28th, 7:00 PM, Whitsell Auditorium, NWFC, Portland, OR.

Portland filmmaker Karl Lind has been essential in the creation of Volume 11 and got the ball rolling on the premiere, as well. Thanks go to him and to the folks at the NWFC.
The screening will include: SPHERES by Jeremy Bird ; TO WATCH IN PREPARATION OF THE DEEP FALL by Mack McFarland ; THE FOREST by John Bacone ; COSMOS by Randy Wakerlin ; BLOBSQUATCH by Carl Diehl ; SILENCE IN 60 SECONDS by Andy Mingo ; STRATEGERY by Jim Lowry ; PLANET EARTH: OUR RESPONSE by Arman Bohn ; LITTLE ATOMIC BOMB by Adam Long ; TO WATCH WHILE SMELLING SUMMER by Mack McFarland ; DARKCLOUD by Gretchen Hogue ; LE PUZZLE by Uli Beutter ; FOREST OF THE FLOWERS by Gretchen Hogue ; 3 OUT OF 4 by Stephen Slappe ; STEVE WINWOOD IS HUNGRY FOR BREAKFAST by Jesse England ; TEST ANTHEM by Michael Paulus ; 50 YEARS LATER by Matt McCormick ; ROPPONGI CROSSING by Brian Libby ; BEN: A TRUE STORY by Melanie Brown ; TWO HART by Ryan Noecker ; KEITH by Evan Stroum ; VERTIGO CORE SAMPLE by Ron Mason Gassaway ; FURNESS by Cat Tyc ; TO REMEMBER THAT OUR SKIES ARE THE SAME SKIES by Chris Lael Larson ; MAGIC HOSTESS, THE ELECTRIC CAN OPENER by Rob Tyler ; CIRCLE OF PURITY by Liz Haley. (100 min)
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SCREENING: Potter-Belmar Labs, Western Tour, May ’08

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPC4-YSsWh4&hl=en]
How can film & video predict your future? When it’s created right in front of you, that’s how. Join Potter-Belmar Labs (Leslie Raymond and Jason Jay Stevens, JSF, Vol.1) for their traveling improvised cinema show as they perform audience fortune-tellings in motion & sound.

Catch “Fortune” in Roswell, Albuquerque, Venice, Los Angeles, Oakland, San Francisco, Eugene, Portland, and Seattle on dates throughout the month of May. Go to their website for details, including venues and times.