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The only thing better than putting out a new volume of the JSF is getting to relax after it’s finished. To that end, it’s time to sit back, eat a burrito, and share some news of upcoming events.

1) Matt Meindl (JSF, Vol.7) will be involved in the CineMUSEica series here in Columbus on August 15th at the Grandview Drexel theater. Matt’s films will be accompanied by music from the band The Giants of Gender in a multimedia show the likes of which is rare around here. Be sure to say hi to Matt.

2) Potter Belmar Labs (JSF, Vol.1) will be in NYC from Sept. 3-8 for their live, improvised cinema show at The Lab at Roger Smith Hotel. Also, check out their blogs for more events, examples of their work (art installations, etc.), and travel reports (Venice Biennale!). (PBL blog; Leslie’s blog)

3) Brian Liloia (JSF, Vol.4) has started a video blog to document his experience at the Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage in Missouri this summer. It’ll be fun to see Brian apply his New Jersey-based filmic profundity to the gtritty fecundity of an ecovillage in the sticks. We will be sure to revisit this in the near future.

4) We have confirmed a date for the joint Journal of Short Film – slash – Asthmatic Kitty Records event in Portland, OR, this fall. It will happen on Sat., October 20th. This all-Portland artist event will combine stunning music by AKR with films from the JSF and various PDX filmmakers. More details to come.

5) There is another JSF event tentatively scheduled for Detroit this fall, but we’ll have to keep you in suspense on the details.

That’s all for now. Come back and see us.

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